About West Tide Timberworks

My name is Steve Ellis and I would like to tell you a bit about West Tide Woodworking. I am a forth generation Comox Valley resident who has lived here my whole life. I come from a family of forestry workers and carpenters. My love for wood started at a young age and has progressed into the work I do today. My thriving company designs and builds custom timber frames, greenhouses, gates, doors and just about any wood structure. I have a keen eye for design and I am particularly interested in ecologically sourced and local materials.

TIMBER FRAMES: Timber frames are warm and powerful structures. If they are built right, they can last for centuries. The software I use to design these structures is state of the art, although many of the tools and techniques to build these frames originated from Japan hundreds of years ago. The design process starts with an idea. I develop this idea from the needs and wants of you. When I work with you on your timber frame design, I can take your dreams and turn them into reality. Just ask one of our customers and they will agree!

GREENHOUSES: Greenhouse design is something I take great pride in. I have been building these structures and producing my own food out of them since 2001. Every greenhouse I build is a customized work of art. I design them according to your style preference and need. My greenhouses are all low impact, and use natural cooling methods which eliminate the need for electric cooling fans. The structure is plenty strong enough to withstand our winter snow loads, and look great in any yard. The frame is also covered with recycled glass that would have otherwise ended up in our landfills.

DOORS AND GATES: The doors and gates we provide are all built with either old growth Douglas Fir or Red Cedar. Each door is custom designed depending on client preference. Our doors and gates come ready to stain, and include trim packages.

HOME UPGRADES: Updating the front of any house can have a very satisfying effect. Adding new wood elements such as shake work, trim and timber elements can drastically change the feel of the home. With many styles of woodwork, the possibilities are endless. We can provide and install wood packages to update the look of your home, and also provide the same packages for new homes as an alternative to painted fascia and trim.

So,feel free to give us a call. Or send us an email. I look forward to hearing from you.....